Harmonic Healing Arts offers classes and workshops including sound healing, shamanic journeying, visioning, and stress reduction. Check the Event Calendar for details of upcoming classes/workshops. Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive my monthly newsletter and get advance notice of upcoming classes and workshops!

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Acu-Sonic Detox

Acu-Sonic Detox combines the modalities of acupuncture and sound healing. Jennifer Walz, Licensed Acupuncturist, will be using the N.A.D.A. protocol (lung, liver, shen men, parasympathetic/sympathetic point and kidney) can assist to detox the body, help reduce cravings and addictions, help reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Sharon Wittmann, Sound Healer, will be using tuning forks over the acupuncture needles to add an extra layer of sound healing. She will also provide a sound meditation using crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and gongs while the acupuncture needles are in place. And finally, tuning forks will be used at the end to ground you.


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Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

In this 3 hour workshop led by Tracey Mostyn and Sharon Wittmann, we will discuss: what is Shamanism, the importance of grounding and shielding, and meeting your Power Animals/Spirit Guides. You will then learn and experience how to journey as you are guided by the traditional Native American drum as well as journeying with gongs and crystal bowls in a series of 3 different journeys. Space is limited to 10 people. Bring a journal, water bottle, yoga mat, and blanket.

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Release and Re-Align

Stress, anxiety, old beliefs and thought patterns affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. We will learn how our thoughts and emotions affect the physical body, how we can bring our body and mind into coherence, how we can release old emotions, beliefs, and thought patterns, and how we can envision and embody new and positive ways of being. Using breathing techniques, essential oils, guided meditation, and sound we will Release old ways that do not support us and Re-Align to our true Spiritual state of wellbeing.

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Tuning Forks for Self Care

This workshop is an introduction into using the sound healing modality of tuning forks for self care and wellness. We will be using the Gaia Frequency Body Tuner forks created by Jonathan Goldman. You will learn points on the body to place the tuning forks to help heal issues such as headache, muscle aches, insomnia, and digestive issues. Points for grounding, increased energy, and support for the immune system will also be covered. Price for the class includes the tuning forks.

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Visioning is the process of opening up to your Higher Self/God/Spirit to envision the broader possibilities of how Life can unfold through you. A guided meditation helps you access your Higher Self and ask questions about what may be blocking you from manifesting the life you desire. The guided meditation is followed by a sound meditation with crystal bowls, gongs, and Tibetan bowls for further exploration into your vision.